Six Months! 26 Weeks! Half Way Through the First Year!

23 Apr

Instead of attacking the enormous pile of your laundry that needs to be folded (I cannot wait to task you with this chore) I am instead sitting down to write this month’s entry before a few more weeks slip by and suddenly you are seven months and then suddenly you are ten years old. 
This month it seemed like you grew by leaps and bounds. A visit for your six month checkup told us that you are now 26 and 3/4 inches tall and 17 pounds 9 ounces (You feel more like one hundred pounds when I am carrying you around) and your head is still huge. It seemed like you stretched because your belly, while still quite large, doesn’t seem quite as rotund as it used to be.
You now must be on your stomach at all times. Every time I put you on the floor to play you flip over like a little fish and then ooch around on your belly like a minute hand on a clock. Then you get really frustrated because you cannot get where you want to go and let out an ear-splitting scream. So then I flip you to your back and the cycle starts again. You also now immediate roll onto your side when I put you in your crib, which is the cutest thing ever. You seem to becoming so much more of a boy now. Perhaps this is terrible of me to push you into these gender roles so early in your little life but when I put you in your activity center you grab one of your other toys and just start pounding the living daylights out of it. You also really like throwing things on the floor I think just to hear the crash.
Buddy is still your best friend and when we go downstairs to feed him you are both so excited you don’t know what to do with yourselves. Buddy hurles himself into the air while you wriggle around in my arms letting out little gasps of excitement, kicking your legs in glee and burrowing your face in my shoulder. You repeat this same routine when your dad comes home from work, like you cannot contain how totally thrilled you are to see him. The other day you had a fever from your shots (at which we both cried, again) and I knew you really weren’t feeling well because not even Buddy could cheer you into a smile.
Your other big new trick is getting to eat new foods every few days. Admittedly this is a bigger deal for me than for you but your dad and I love food so much that I am anxious for you to love everything. So far you have refused nothing except peaches, which surprised me because your dad and I love peaches more than any other fruit. But we’ll try them again some other day. 
And at last the weather is warm enough that we can start going to the park. I was so nervous the first time I put you into a swing last week because I was afraid you wouldn’t like it but I need not have worried because you absolutely loved it. You laughed and laughed and then just fell into this blissed out state as you swang away. A few days later your dad and I took you back to the park with a picnic lunch and after showing your dad just how awesome the swings were we spread out a blanket on a grassy hill with a view of the mountains, put you down beside us and we had our first picnic. Just the three of us being a family.

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